Progreston Falls

A beautiful waterfall, captured by Kim Kurtz one sunny day. To see these done as well as this is rare indeed.


Sakura Bokeh in Kyoto

Here is a photo from my recent trip to Kyoto, Nikko and Ohara- all in the three days I allotted to it. Great weather and a happy atmosphere with the cherry blossoms was a great thing to be around.

For some reason this appeals to a lot of people, though the subject, with all the complex branches, is a hard one to get right. I think at least part of what they like is the excellent bokeh of the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 DI, which is some of the best of any lens I own. I only used it that day on my trip, though perhaps I’ll be breaking it out more in future again. It’s certainly light enough to carry with my other stuff- unlike my super-heavy 80-200mm, which takes great photos (including candids), but weights a tonne!

Also, did you know that in Japan, ‘bokeh’ is generally used for an out of focus photo (not just an intended area) and if used as a negative, as in ‘I messed that, it’s bokeh’. Interesting how it became adapted as a good thing.

Plelan le grand – l’├ętang de Tregu

The incredible symmetry of a cloud-covered lake in French Brittany. Thanks to phil35m for this one.

Harmony of Colours Returns

A little taste of eternity in this vivid flower scene- a vivid world beyond our imagination there to be seen.

>Another Star

The incredible koyo have made their way to my area at last. This one was seen in my favourite temple of all- Tozenji, in kita-Kogane. The backlighting brings out their intense, jewel-like colours. I really need nothing else to see in my life!

>Orange Crush

An amazing piece of fractal art I found on Flickr. Mathematics can show us the beauty of the universe, as revealled in many lifeforms. It seems to always be there, as a potential- as images such as this show us, which bridge the divide between art and science..

>Misty Lake at Dawn

Each moment as the sun comes up has a different feeling to it. Here a mystery was being unveiled, as the trees and their reflections appeared by the swamp-like lake. The original photo was practically black and white because of the mist, but with Lightroom, I could bring out the details and colour. Cheating? Maybe, but it makes for a much more interesting photo.