>Misty Lake at Dawn

Each moment as the sun comes up has a different feeling to it. Here a mystery was being unveiled, as the trees and their reflections appeared by the swamp-like lake. The original photo was practically black and white because of the mist, but with Lightroom, I could bring out the details and colour. Cheating? Maybe, but it makes for a much more interesting photo.


2 thoughts on “>Misty Lake at Dawn

  1. >This is beyond words. It is in one way completely calming…in another it’s brilliantly exciting like standing on the brink of the world as it was being created.

  2. >I appreciate your deep understanding, Hope. This is a depiction of the Creator expressing his love for the universe in the creation. Expressing His own nature in this physical, artistic display in the time-space domain.It is ever recreated, each moment being renewed, the divine spark re-infused into an otherwise inannimate and even impossible universe.Dawn is a majestic sight, one of the greatest to be seen on a planet. Yet it is everywhere to be seen given the right conditions- notice how the kaliedescopic colours mirror those of rainbows and gas nebulae, or even of oil floating on water, the majestic is also a calming and reasssuringly loving sight.The beauty of the universe, the daily drama of becoming, is universal, whatever one’s outlook attributes it to. For me, it is the fingerprint of a creator and creators, as much an artist as a designer. By depicting and commenting on this, by appreciating it we are in a sense participating in the very creation itself.

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