>Dawn Breaks 2

The beauty of Dawn. Taken on Lake Inawashiro in the early hours of the moring, froma beach just outside the place we were staying.

It was a glorious sight that showed me again the great power a silent event can have- one that nature produces every day, but few can take the time to appreciate. So delicate, soft and enticing, yet speaking of such an awesome, cosmic power, one that can lighjt up whole worlds with a rich energy needed for trillions of life-forms. With all the practicality an incredible beautythat just makes your whole being stiulled with awe. In a word- WOW!


>Sudden Beauty

Form one moment to the next, who knows what may happen? Just as I was about to leave the temple, I decided to have a quick look at the graveyard. Suddenly, this butterfly alighted on the higanbana flower. A soul of the newly freed departed, perhaps?

This, by the way, was my 500th post here. A quick shout of appreciation to all those who have linked here and/or enjoyed the photos contained. In terms of hits, it is my most successful blog, due in no small part to being found daily through google images and sometimes Stumble Upon. I hope to reach out more and also give my other blogs the time they need, but other writing is currently taking precedence.

May A Day in the Life live long and prosper, with your help as much as mine!



>Like Tears in the Rain

Perhaps one of my best shots this summer came out of the blue- a seemingly crying statue summed up my feelings as the summer draws to a close.

>Parked (Temporarily)

I’ve always thought that everyday life provides some of the best opportunities for seeing art- this rain scene was like looking into a living gallery for me.

>When Will the Rain stop?

I gained new courage in the arts of street photography just from being in the group. I thought this girl’s Ayumi Hamazaki look really shows the Shibuya spirit.

>Flash of Red

In Harajuku, I was lucky enpugh to go to my first ‘Flickr Meet’, arranged by Dave golden from California. Thanks, Dave, it was a great time!

>Multiple Explosions

More fantastic fireworks followed, to the delight of the thousands assembled there.